Committed to the Craft.

Remodeling and Home Design

Stone veneer is the surest, most visible way to bring uncommon craftsmanship into your home.  My tenure out west was the perfect opportunity to hone my skills in this arena.  Depending on the style of stone being laid, I have a number of systems in place to ensure an aesthetically pleasing, well composed, as well as a structurally sound wall.  Stone veneer can be laid in a full-bed thickness, or applied as a sawn thin-veneer.  The two styles are equally demanding on the mason's ability to manipulate natural stone.  I strive to work the stone by hand, proudly using carbide hand tools that are manufactured right here in Vermont.  I find that cutting the stones by hand maintains the softer, more organic features of the stone.  There are a wide range of stone types available, local suppliers have stone selections available from quarries all over New England, New York, Pennsylvania and beyond.


This slideshow is an account of the stone I dubbed "The Mystery Stone".  This is the granite tread that I split into a curve for the Snowstone/Granite chimney and wood box.

The Mystery Stone